Custom Leather Western Chinks

by Leather Legends

Chinks are a type of half-length chap that attach at the waist and stop just below the knee, with very long fringe at the bottom and along the sides. Chinks are most often seen on cowboys in the Southwestern and Pacific states, most notably seen on those who follow the California Vaquero tradition. The leg usually ends two to four inches (5 to 10 cm) longer. They are cut to fit somewhere between batwings and shotguns, and each leg usually has only two fasteners high on the thigh. They are cooler to wear and hence the design that is best for very warm climates.

Elk Chinks

This pair of chinks is featured in gold elk hide with the belts and leg pieces tooled in our old-style square basket stamp. They are underlaid with gorgeous dark brown, rough-out leather to bring out the color in the basket stamping. The eight-inch fringe is all hand pointed, then laced through itself and finally framed with a one-inch wide band that has been hand scalloped and buck stitched. Eight star conchas add the finishing touch to these chinks. Let us put your lettering or brand on the back belt.

Price:  $584
(Blood Lacing Add $100)

Mahogany Elk Chinks

These mahogany elk chinks are truly a classic!  They are featured with a narrow band of mahogany rough out and set off with tarnished brass studs, all while accentuating the hand pointed fringe.  The belts and pocket flaps are tooled with a small basket stamp and contrasting color.  With beautiful berry and star conchos are the finishing touch.

Price:  $584

Elk Chinks

These elk chinks are the dream pair, with cream elk-hide accented with burgandy piping for the fringe. Hand-scalloped and buchstiched edges. Dark brown buchstitching accents the cream elk-hide hand-scalloped underlay along the belt and leg pieces. This pair is topped off with hand engraved sterling silver conchos and buckles. 

Buckaroo Chinks

Shown in 4-5 oz. black top-grain leather, this is quite a classic pair of buckaroo chinks. These buckaroo chinks feature handtooled oak-leaf belts and leg pieces that have been placed on black rough-out leather which lends just a bit of subtle attention to the tooling. This pair features hand-twisted fringe around the legs and pockets. The pockets are all hand scalloped and closed with a handrolled leather button. The legs are closed with straps and 5/8-inch roller buckles.

Price:  $584

The Yellow Rose of Texas

is brought to life in this gorgeous chink featuring inlaid roses in the wing tip and belts, with rose leaves in the leg reinforcements. Chinks are splashed with a sparkle of eight silver-overlay conchas and belt buckle, then dazzled by double layered hand-twisted fringe on legs and back belt. Pictured in 3 oz. top-grain cow.

Price:  $795

Limited Edition....

A touch of the Southwest lets you romance the Indian plains. A piece of art in the making and a beauty in the wearing, shown in 4 oz gold cow. These western chinks feature fire colored hitched horse hair inserts, back belts that are enchanted by the scalloped edges and design. The contrasting trim is in black rough out, with buckskin and red leather. These western chinks are set off by six silver overlay conchos, a front buckle, and double layered, hand twisted fringe.

Price:  $1,295 


Armitas in a classy double fringe style these were made as a step in but let your ideas take you to your dream in style. Dave did just that  with the red and black trim and the long fringe.It's our pleasure to work up your ideas.

Laced Chink...

Made in grain Cream leather, the edge features 5/8 inch lace to set off the scalloped edge with seven inch hand pointed fringe. Basket stamped belt, and leg pieces,with a front and back belt.Nice for work or pleasure


Suave-Lime Show Chink's...

This pair was designed by Cyrill with a bit of sparkle in mind. Made in beautiful, buttery, 2 1/2 ounce top grain leather, featuring 9 inch hand twisted fringe (backed with black fringe). A hand scalloped edge shows off the black piping. The belts and leg pieces have black underlay, while Hawaiian flowers sprinkled with rhinestones finish them off. Adjustable front and back belts and two buckles on each leg make it complete.

Price:  $585

Let's Dust the Trail...

with this old classic, these hair on chinks are featured with basket stamped one piece belt and leg closures. Fringe line is accented and edged by a narrow strip of black leather, decorated with a silver club and spade. Adding just a bit more class are six silver overlay conchos, a front buckle, and tipped fringe.

Price: $560.00



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About Our Leather Chinks

Leather Legends is a family owned and operated business. Everything that we offer is made in our shop in Fromberg, Montana. Click here to visit our shop and showroom

Leather Legends' Leather Chinks are made to fit like no other's. Our Leather Chinks fit right to the crotch. Yet when you are in the saddle they are where they should be, not six inches down on your leg.

The Leather Chinks by Leather Legends are works of art. Each pair is so uniquely hand-crafted, with exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail, they are instant collectibles. All fringe is cut and pointed by hand. When twisted fringe is desired, it is all done by hand. When the leather is light and soft enough to permit, we turn all of the raw edges over which gives a very finished appearance.

Only the finest materials are used. The leathers are picked by hand with an experienced eye for the quality of the grain, the finish, and the suppleness. A wide variety of leathers and colors are available. The proper leather is also chosen for its suitability for a particular rodeo event or other type of use.

Our work with the material and the construction of our Leather Chinks is a labor intensive and time consuming process. We take great care to lay out our patterns, so the leather stretches correctly and to avoid as many blemishes as possible. Leather being a natural product there are always blemishes to work around. We take great pride in the fact that our chaps are not pieced together like so many of the imported chaps.

Part of the superior quality of our chaps is that they are sewn with aproximately 10-12 stitches per inch, depending on the weight of the leather. This creates a much more detailed and fine finished product. Tooled belts and leg pieces are a detailed process, with many different steps. Tooling the edges alone is a nine step process. All of our tooling is produced by hand. We use 5-6 ounce and 7-8 ounce tooling leather which is more expensive but well worth it.

Our Leather Chinks are all designed with inner leg trim and top of the line latigo for the straps: usually three straps on each leg with 5/8" roller buckles made of nickel. However, if so desired, Leather Chinks may be made with two buckles on each leg.

Leather Legends is well respected in the industry and has over 30 years of experience in leather chap making and pattern designs. Our items have been worn by Rodeo World Champions, Miss Rodeo America Contestants, and Rodeo Queens. Some of our leather chaps are on display in the Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask for it. We create brands and designs of all kinds. Other special request items may be available upon inquiry. We make a wide range of quality leather garments, of which only a small sampling is shown here.

Leather Chinks for rodeo, work, play, or show. Designed just for you and made to order for men, women, and children. Hand-crafted and custom-made in Montana by Leather Legends, USA. Our Leather Chinks are beautiful, tough, stylish, practical, and elegant.


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