Bed Spread

South west bed spread
The spread is top grain cow hide it is all hand laced with the center 
being hand painted featuring a beautiful Mission.
Bed Skirt

This bed skirt is so gorgeous on your bed,it is cork top grain 
leather, with accents of red and turquoise leather the hand twisted 
fringe is mahogany deer tan cowhide.



North Pacific - 2008, by Dash

These chaps , done in blue leather and outlined with
the colorful totum pole set in black calf leather that
extends down and around the wing tips to form the ocean
wave, was designed to recognize the North Pacific Indian.
The totum pole and whale design is outstanding in detail, color,
and work. These were completely hand- laced by Ty in black kangaroo. The wings of these chaps are lined with black
leather and designs stiched in. Note matching jacket.

Red Angora Sunflower Chaps
2008 by Tam

These chaps features a hard to find red angora.
The wings are yellow, overlaid with blackcalf
leather sunf lowers with a rinestone in the center of each,
and beautiful leaves. The boarder is buck stitched by
hand in yellow and finished off in black kangaroo laced
around the chap leg (by Ty). A basket-stamped belt tops
off the chaps. Note the wings of the chaps are completely
lined in black leather. Truly a designers dream.

A Bit of the West’s History—$2,495.00

This pair of brown angora chaps captures some of our best history. The left wing features tan leather with a cowboy roping in the wing tip with old famous brands in various colors inlaid up the leg. The border
is brown featuring lime green cutouts. Small stainless-steel spots finish it off. The right leg features an Indian in the wing tip and Native American symbols in various colors inlaid up the leg. The backs of the wings are all lined in brown leather. This outstanding western collectable won ‘Best Adaptation of Materials’ award at the Cody High Style in Cody, Wyoming.

Wyoming Angora —$1,825.00

These collector's chaps are unique in there style they feature 44 as wyo. was the 44th state in the union the back side features 1890 the year it became a state.

Black Angora Wooly Batwing

A creation in wearable art, these extravagant angora batwing chaps romanticize the spirit of the Old West. The wings feature wonderful detailing in red, with black overlay with white; and yellow and black underlay embellished with nickel spots to compliment the design. These were ‘Designer of the Year’ award winner in 2000, by Tammy, Marge, and Patsy.

Cream Buckskin Chaps, Vest, Jacket

The cream buckskin chaps, vest and jacket were made as a custom order for a biker. Note the laced edges done in hand cut buckskin lace. The beading was done by Suzanne Warrner. Columns of bone beads adorned with pewter beads on each end decorate the chap sides and vest and jacket fronts.

Buffalo Chaps—$1,795.00, & Serape—$2,200.00

This outfit, with accompanying serape carried over the arm, was made to enter the Cody Western Design Conference. The chaps and serape (or Bear-Behind Saddle) were tooled with Buffalo Bill in mind. Both are lined in canvas and bound in buckskin. The Bear-Behind Saddle has handtooled bluffs that fit around the saddle, with a raised tooled buffalo head featured in the wing of both sides. The name “Bear-Behind,” comes from the Indians who put a piece of hide behind them on their horse when hunting to protect their horse while carrying meat. Here in Montana, the Crow and Cheyenne Indians still refer to these as Bear-Behind saddles.

Guns & Roses

This riding ensemble is made in bone pearlized lamb accented with old-style inset smiley pockets trimmed in red. Two sterling-silver buckles are featured on each side of the skirt. Hand-painted cowgirls adorn the bottom of the skirt, and guns cross on the back of the bolero. (Painted by Patsy). This is an Annie Oakley replica.

Native American Design, by Tammy —$2,295.00

The year 2000 brought about this pair of Native American design chaps by Tammy and Marge. Made in brown water buffalo, the wing tips feature a great Indian chief, while down the sides colorful Southwestern inlays are outlined with many stainless-steel spots. The belt features a handtooled peace pipe.