Stunning Western Attire For Him & Her

Buckskin which comes from deer and antelope, is one of my favorite leathers. It is truly beautiful in coats, vests, dresses, purses, as well as home interior products too numerous to mention.

Other than it can be a bit heavy if one isn't careful, its drape is so hard to beat in garments. Our native ancestors used it for their garments, and cleaned it by washing it on rocks in the river. It still can be washed but one has to shape it after, and with linings, and so forth it would take a very talented person to do a good job.

Because buckskin stretches quite a bit, we like to take the stretch out of it before making the garment. The weight and suppleness of this leather, lets it drape better than most leathers. But maybe we are just spoiled. When we do our twisted fringe in this leather it just can't be beat for beauty. Possibly that is why it is so coveted for footstools, bedspreads, swags, and pillows, just to name a few.

Leather Legends is well respected in the industry and has over 30 years of experience in leather chap making and pattern designs. Our items have been worn by Rodeo World Champions, Miss Rodeo America Contestants, and other hard-working folks with an eye for quality. Some of our items are on display in the Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask for it. We create brands and designs of all kinds. Other special request items may be available upon inquiry. We make a wide range of quality leather garments, of which only a small sampling is shown here.

Buckskin clothing, buckskin dresses, buckskin jackets, buckskin pants, buckskin shirts, buckskin vests, and buckskin coats are custom made by Leather Legends in the USA. Our buckskin clothing is beautiful, tough, and versatile.

Buckskin Shirt and Pants Step back in time with this buckskin shirt and pants. This custom made buckskin shirt and pants feature buck stitching on the yokes, sleeves, and pant pockets. The yokes, sleeves, and pants feature three inch hand pointed fringe, which gives a fantastic uniform and finished look. The pants have front and back pockets and are closed with deer horn buttons.

Price:   $1250.00 per set (or $625.00 per piece)

- without lacing and hand-pointed fringe $950.00 per set (or $475.00 per piece)

- extra large will be priced according to the leather needed
Buckskin Gown - the "Cheyenne"

Chart your own trail with a dress from the past. Made of buckskin, hemline fringed with the natural edge of the leather. Sewn entirely by hand, the sides are all hand-knotted, while the bodice is sewn with sinew. Eight hitched horse hair inserts adorn the lower dress, accented with purple suede. Silver cones trim the fringed front decorations.

Price:   $1295
(w/o horsehair $825)
Buckskin Coats This Gold Buckskin coat is one of our most unique designs. The collar yokes and sleeves feature a scalloped edge with reverse buckstitching. The back yoke features the Indian peace sign beaded in beautiful blues and gold. The button holes are all hand-laced and the buttons are brass. This coat features 3" hand-cut fringe which has been hand-pointed. Two outside pockets and two on the inside leave this coat with lots of storage space, fully lined.

Price:   $1,168.00
(without beading:  $968.00)
This buckskin jacket as shown leans a bit more to the dressy side,featured with lamb skin collar and pocket flap's. A wipe of the cloth keeps it looking sharp -- cuff's would also be a great addition -- LET YOUR IMAGATION FLOW AND DESIGN YOUR OWN--FRINGE YOKES ETC. This jacket has two inside pockets and hand laced button holes.

Price:   $898.00
Beaded Buckskin Coat This buckskin jacket features hand-beaded medallions, buckstitching, and hand-cut fringe on the front and back yokes. The collar's edge also features buckstitching.

Price as shown:   $1392.00
(without beading:  $992.00)
Buckskin Coat - The Cody "The Cody" - This beautiful mens buckskin coat pictured in gold displays fringe across the back and front yokes, down the sleeves, and over the shoulders, then finished off with fringe across the bottom. Front pockets along with two inside pockets, and six buffalo head buttons complete the classic look.

Price:  $925.00
The dignified grace of the Buffalo is the inspiration for this exquisite buckskin coat. The rounded yokes, trimmed with buckstitching, accent the delicate hand-beaded Buffalo skulls on the front yokes. The rear features a somber 4" by 5" Buffalo head in striking contrast to the cream-colored leather. This coat features waist pockets, horn buttons, hand-laced button holes, and buckstitching adorn this coat. Fully lined, the coat has two inside pockets and a fringed bottom.

Price as shown:  $2,200.00
Butterfly Coat - Front
Butterfly Coat - Back
The Butterfly
This beautiful jacket is shown in cream buckskin trimmed in black roughout.
The butterfly is outlined in black and accented in many beautiful colors,
then set off with a few fine stones.
The back and sleeves feature long hand twisted fringe.
This jacket is available as shown or waist length with a two button closure.

Price:   $795

Ordering Info
Silhouette Buckskin Vest

This buckskin vest features Southwest style yokes in front & back, accented with the End of the Trail silhouette. Let us make one just for you with YOUR silhouette!

Price:   $325
The Thunder Bird Vest
This buckskin vest features Southwest style yokes in front & back,
accented with a Thunder Bird silhouette.

Price:   $375
Wild West Buckskin Vest

This Beautiful Gold Buckskin vest features Native American style running horses, a beautiful collar underlayed in black with buffalo head buttons.  The back is draped with twelve inch hand pointed fringe with a beaded buffalo skull centered in the back yoke.  Fully lined.

Price:   $375
Man's Rancher Vest

This vest features a large collar, the bach is longer for warmth ,two large lower pocket's and two upper pocket's which are optional.Closeing with a heavy nylon zipper.

Price:   $385
Ladies Sheep Skin Vest
Ladies Sheepskin Vest

This vest is so warm and classy with Rust deerskin st's off the front and closeing with Native style buttons  or what you might like.

Price:   $300
This beautiful buckskin vest is done in
cream buckskin. Yokes are hand laced
with twisted fringe in dusk. All of the
fringe is hand twisted. The beads were
several different types including turquios,
coral trade beads, silver cones, bone
and pewter. Bone buttons finish it off.
Truly an elegant piece to wear out.
Born to be Wild
Liz is gunnin’ for you and with this beautiful riding
skirt she’s sure to get her guy. Pictured in black
garment-weight rough-out leather, featuring gray
and red overlay. Pockets are in black and trimmed
with a scallop of red with 10-inch fringe. Six silveroverlay
buckles close the side making it quite
adjustable. This skirt is a real classic.
Guns & Roses
Childrens White Angora Wooly Chaps
This riding ensemble is made in bone
pearlized lamb accented with old-style
inset smiley pockets trimmed in red.
Two sterling-silver buckles are featured
on each side of the skirt. Hand-painted
cowgirls adorn the bottom of the skirt,
and guns cross on the back of the bolero.
(Painted by Patsy). This is an Annie
Oakley replica.
Annie Oakley Split Style Riding Skirt &
Bolero ~~ A collectable! $1,895.00

This Annie Oakley split style riding skirt and bolero is
truly the spirit of the Old West. Featured in cream leather,
the barbed wire is inlaid in a lustrous brown while the
barbs offer “glints” of rust. A longhorn steer head lays
in the back of the bolero and each corner of the skirt,
complemented by various brands. NOTE: Have YOUR
brand included. Three inch hand painted fringe finishes
off the bolero with 8” - 12” fringe on the skirt