Reining and Cutting Chaps - Turquoise Show Chaps

Turquoise Show Chap
This pair of show chaps are made of top grain Deer Tan Mahogany Cowhide with ten inch hand twisted fringe.The flower carved belts and leg trim are topped off with beautiful turquoise hand set in silver, with the back belt featuring chonos with hammered silver and hand set turquoise.The front belt is a beauty hammered silver with vines and gold beads to frame the beautiful King-man turquoise.~Kyndal Swanz

Custom Turquoise by Kyndal Swanz Detail Custom Turquoise
~Custom Turquoise by Kyndal Swanz


Reining and Cutting Chaps - Custom Ivory Show Chaps

Made of top-grain cow hide, the cream fringe is hand scalloped and buck-stiched in kangaroo which is framed with two rows of stitching. The dark brown piping and fringe is top-grain deer-tan cowhide. Each flower on the leg features custom-made conchos of elk teeth ivory set in silver and accented with silver beads. The front buckle is a replica of an old Navajo buckle with hand-hammered silver set off with the elk ivory silver vine work set off with a bit of gold. Hand-hammered conchos finish off this fabulous pair of chaps.

Custom Ivory by Kyndal Swanz Detail Custom Ivory
~Custom Ivory by Kyndal Swanz

Cowboy Chaps Cowboy Work Chaps
Wherever the Trail Heads... A day of gathering , branding, or ??? This pair of shotgun chaps is shown in acorn 4 oz cow with cream belt and lacing on the legs. They feature a slight bell over the boot, fringe, adjustable front and back belt, and zippered legs. Also available "plain" with a straight leg.

Starting at:

Cowboy Work Chaps
Cowboy Chaps

Showing, hunting or light work, this chap will fit the bill. Shown in 3 oz acorn cow, the belt underlay and buckstitch down the leg is cream, while fringe softens the leg. Please note fringe, buckstitching, and underlay are optional.

Starting at: $354
Leather Shotgun Chaps - On The Money

Leather Shotgun Chaps - On the Money

One for the Money, Two for the Show. Desire a plain shotgun chap? This is it! Features a slight bell, fringe, belt underlay of gray. With silver overlay conchos on back belt and front buckle. Made in 3 oz black cow used rough out.
This chap is beautiful plain or with silver on the legs. The legs are finished with heavy brass zippers.

Starting at:  

This pair of shotgun chaps is made of top grain cow. The hand-laced edge in chocolate to offset the fringe and the cuffs are underlaed in a matching rich chocolate.
English Riding Chaps

English Riding Chaps

This chap displays simple elegance for those who ride English. Made in 3 oz cow, black turned rough out, its tight-fitting leg is accented with a gray stripe whoch looks great plain or fringed. The belt is underlayed in gray and enhanced with silver overlay conchos and buckled. Legs close with heavy brass zippers. Also available with high or low rise.

Starting at:   $354

Millenium Cowhide Hair On Chaps

The Millenium
Hair-On Chaps

Start your Millennium off right! Featured in a straight leg, portraying hair on cow hide, the inside of the leg is 3 ounce leather, suede out for usability and durability of chap. Black sueded decorative trim is featured running down the outside leg adorned with six one inch silver overlay conchos. Complimented with 5-6 inch fringe making this chap a real classic. This chap style is also available in other leathers.

Starting at:  $619.00. In plain leather, $449

Retro Batwing
Made from suide cow hide featureing an old time square basket stamped belt. Five conchos with black strings holding the rings. The outside of the leg is hand laced in cream. Our retro design is featured under the belt and on the wing tip in salmon and cream finished with handset spots.


Horse Whisperer Chaps

These chaps were made for the Horse Whisperer movie, featuring inset horsehair in the tooled belts and twisted fringe.

Starting at:  $409


This zippered pair is made with the finest smooth top-grain leather which is reversed on the inside of the leg. The rough inside provides a great leg grip for a long day of riding. This pair stays nice and clean on the outside and fringe can be added for anyone who wants to add an extra touch of class and style. This pair is fully hand buckstiched in durable kangaroo lace.

Starting at:
Buckstiched: $450
Plain: $350

Leather Shotgun Chaps - Tom Horn

Leather Shotgun Chaps - Tom Horn

This replica is as old-time as Tom Horn. A great chap for work, parades or show. Gun Fiter's. Shown with basket-stamped belts, thirty-two nickel spots decorate the legs and belt. Made in 4 oz soft walnut top grain cow and zippered leg closures. Also available "plain" with a straight leg.

Starting at:  $469
(Plain:  $319)

Chaps for Cutters and/or Showing

This pair of custom made chaps are truly a crowd pleaser. The color as shown is Mink and the full 3 ounce, top-grain, butterball tanned leather is turned to be suede side out. The belts are basket-stamped with reddish-brown underlay to match the lace down the leg and the fringe is hand-twisted. Note this fringe is 10 inch-length, finished off with a cuff of the same brown underlay, making these a very classy pair of chaps. These chaps also feature zippered legs with our brass zippers sewn to a leather flange. The front and back belts are fully adjustable.

Starting at: $568

Western Riding Chaps

Western Riding Chaps

When you are riding high and going places, this chap will take you there. Saddle is the color in 4 oz weight. Selectively trimmed with rust underlay that highlights basket stamped belts and leg trim. Add to this classic chap eight silver overlay conchos and a front buckle. The chap is available with the buckle legs or zipperd. This is a classy cuttin' chap.

Starting at:  $519

Quality was essential when choosing your bike. Make it essential in choosing your chaps! You'll find the highest quality leather and workmanship in chaps from Leather Legends. Our chaps are made with pride to fit you right and not pieced together with seams. Find such features as: "right" and "left" zippers sewn on leather gussets; leather zipper pulls which tuck neatly under the snaps at the cuffs to keep them closed; a two-and-one-half inch, adjustable back belt; a three-quarter inch front belt with roller buckle. We don't cut corners. We take the high road in providing top quality chaps that are made in the USA!
These custom-made ladiThese custom-made ladies biker chaps were designed in black and red. The scallops and points down the legs are outlined with stainless-steel studs.es biker chaps were designed in black and red. The scallops and points down the legs are outlined with stainless-steel studs.
Flames and Rhinestones Biker Chaps
Or be smokin' hot with these flame and rhinestone chaps. Click on the photo for more details. $495
Custom Western Motorcycle Chaps Or go wild with your own designs! Click on the photo for more details. Womens Biker Chaps Reflect your inner spark with these flame overlays. Click on the photo for more details.
Mens Biker Chaps On the right track! Basic black or brown ramblers. Click on the photo for more details.

Top of the line biker pearlized grey  chap's feature a scalloped edge which snap's down over the zipper,the belt and cuff have red underlay ,while the edge is hand laced in black kangaroo. 

Starting at: $445.00

We can custom make biker chaps from water buffalo which is one of the best leathers for riding. We can provide water buffalo in black, brown, burgundy and tan”


Reproduction Hair On Chaps

Old Time Reproduction -
Hair On Batwing Chaps

These semi-batwing chaps bound in top grain leather feature basket stamped belts, adjustable back belt, laced front closure, with zipped legs and made of hair on cowhide. Don't forget - silver conchos would be an excellent choice of add-on options!

Starting at: $549
(as shown)


Batwing Chaps in Water Buffalo Leather

Water Buffalo
Batwing Chaps

This batwing chap is shown in 3-oz. light caramel water buffalo leather. The belts and leg pieces are hand-stamped in one of our old time basket stamp patterns and then underlaid in dark brown, rough-out leather. Note the cuff is designed to compliment the belt and leg pieces. Three straps and buckles close each leg with a snap and ring below the knee to use if desired which helps keep the wing in place.

Starting at:   $419



White Angora Wooly Chaps

White Angora - Wild and Wooly Chaps

Whether keeping warm, riding in a parade, or to hang on your wall for that added western interior design. This pair is a real classic. Made in beautiful white angora with basket stamped belts. They may be ordered with tooled belts instead. The pair pictured is made with zippers for ease in putting on. They may also be ordered laced closed or snaps and rings. Let a bit of history ride with you while wearing these great woolies.

Starting at:   $1019

This outstanding angora 3" is a beautiful sliver with deep dark shades that really make the wool pop. We have just a few of these fabulous hides available and we feel extremely grateful to offer them as they are an all U.S. product. Call for color selection as the supply is limited. 

Collectible Wolly Chaps


Native Spirit
These chaps are one of a kind, featuring native symbols of friendship and peace. The belts feature basket stamp and a broken arrow (a native symbol for peace). Other symbols throughout the piece include:
~Whirling Logs (swastica): Symbolized auspiciousness. Commonly used among native tribes of the South West and around the world. Became stigmatized after the popular symbol was co-opted by the Nazi party.
~ White Hand: Symbolized peace and happiness.
~Crossed Arrows: Symbolized friendship

The backside of the chap wing includes symbols that represent the many lakes (circles near bottom), mountains (yellow triangles), four seasons (Maltese cross), buffalo trail (brown stripe), crecent moon and dipper.

Buckaroo Chaps
This pair of angor chaps feature some of the finest natural dark twisted angora. The wings are top-grain Italian ivory leather accented in black and red trim. The buckaroo was hand painted. This pair features over 1,000 hand set spots. Note the inside of the wing features an ivory wing and buckaroo in handset spots. The flower carved belt has a black sterling silver buckle keeper and tip by Kyndal Smith.
Black Angora Wooly Chaps

Black Angora Wooly Batwing

A creation in wearable art, these extravagant angora batwing chaps romanticize the spirit of the Old West. The wings feature wonderful detailing in red, with black overlay with white; and yellow and black underlay embellished with nickel spots to compliment the design. These were ‘Designer of the Year’ award winner in 2000, by Tammy, Marge, and Patsy.


Buffalo Chaps—$1,795.00, & Serape—$2,200.00

This outfit, with accompanying serape carried over the arm, was made to enter the Cody Western Design Conference. The chaps and serape (or Bear-Behind Saddle) were tooled with Buffalo Bill in mind. Both are lined in canvas and bound in buckskin. The Bear-Behind Saddle has handtooled bluffs that fit around the saddle, with a raised tooled buffalo head featured in the wing of both sides. The name “Bear-Behind,” comes from the Indians who put a piece of hide behind them on their horse when hunting to protect their horse while carrying meat. Here in Montana, the Crow and Cheyenne Indians still refer to these as Bear-Behind saddles.

Red Angora Sunflower Chaps - 2008 by Tam—$3,490.00

These chaps features a hard to find red angora. The wings are yellow, overlaid with blackcalf leather sunf lowers with a rinestone in the center of each, and beautiful leaves. The boarder is buck stitched by hand in yellow and finished off in black kangaroo laced around the chap leg (by Ty). A basket-stamped belt tops off the chaps. Note the wings of the chaps are completely lined in black leather. Truly a designers dream.

A Bit of the West’s History—$2,495.00

This pair of brown angora chaps captures some of our best history. The left wing features tan leather with a cowboy roping in the wing tip with old famous brands in various colors inlaid up the leg. The border is brown featuring lime green cutouts. Small stainless-steel spots finish it off. The right leg features an Indian in the wing tip and Native American symbols in various colors inlaid up the leg. The backs of the wings are all lined in brown leather. This outstanding western collectable won ‘Best Adaptation of Materials’ award at the Cody High Style in Cody, Wyoming.

Wyoming Angora —$1,825.00

These collector's chaps are unique in there style they feature 44 as wyo. was the 44th state in the union the back side features 1890 the year it became a state.

This being a wild event, these bull riding chaps are a bit that way themselves!

Weighting is very important --
the boys now like the 13-15 inch fringe. It seems not much regard is given to the fact that it tears out easy and
just gets downright snotty looking
in short order.

Here, a 9-11 inch fringe is much more durable and will keep its good looks a lot longer.

Pricing for Bull Riding
Chaps starts at $349
Leather bull riding chaps made for rodeo cowboys
Leather bull riding chaps made for rodeo cowboys
Bull Riding Chaps

Saddle Bronc Riding Chaps

Pay Dirt...

is what you'll hit in our "French Calf" Saddle Bronc chap. This chap is featured in gorgeous French Calf leather which takes the resin like no other leather. It is trimmed in top grain white cow with raised gold metallic inserts, with adjustable front and back belts. Nickel roller buckles with latigo straps make it the best. Also available in 4 oz top grain cow.

Starting at as shown: $619
(in top grain cowide, $499)


Western Chaps - The Thunderbird

Western Chaps -
The Thunderbird

The Thunder Bird is a fine saddle bronc chap. Featured in cream top grain leather, accented in red, black and white. Six inch fringe, triple fringe from belt to knee. These chaps reflect the creative designs of our Native American ancestors.

Price:   $1,169.00

(to pick up your rodeo!)
Featured in 3.5 in lime green 1/2 low-density foam with a 3oz lining. The black trim is offset with stainless steel spots. We offer a great variety of colors. Let your rodeo be updated and one of a kind. Don't just bring the best stock, let your pick-up men stand out as well. Remember, their hard-work makes them an integral part of your business. 

Cowhide Hair On Chaps

Patriotic Chaps - Red, White, and Blue with Eagle

These beautiful chaps are perfect for grand entries at parades, rodeos, and special occasions. Shown in white, top-grain leather, these chaps express patriotism and freedom. The eagle design has it's body in red with gold underlay and it's head is white with black underlay. A banner of blue with red trim is a fitting background for the white stars, while the leg straps are secured by gold and blue stars with brass conchos. The belt is red with gold underlay and a feather design nestles nicely inside. Double fringe finishes off this stunning pair of chaps.

Starting at:   $1019

10 pair of Red White and Blue. Great chaps for the 4th of July.

Starting at: $235/ea
please call for sizing.

Miss Rodeo USA and Rodeo Queen Competition Show Chaps

Miss Rodeo Georgia

Made especially for Miss Rodeo Georgia, these chaps truly represent the state of Georgia. A Hereford is tooled in the belts, peanuts are on the upper leg, corn and cotton are also incoroparted in the design of these chap's. We have been so lucky to see several Georgia queens wearing these chaps in Cody Wyoming for their Fourth of July Parade on several ocassions.

Miss Rodeo Montana

Miss Montana wearing these very unique chaps of which she was such a great influence in designing. Made in soft cream top grain leather , the belts feature a raised buffalo head, which is carried out on the legs and wing tip. There the buffalo heads ,are hand painted by Patsy, and placed on rust leather-out and lined with stainless steal spots. The double fringe finishes this pair off.




About Our Chaps and Chinks

Leather Legends is a family owned and operated business. Everything that we offer is made in our shop in Fromberg, Montana. Click here to visit our shop and showroom

Leather Legends' chaps and chinks are made to fit like no other's. Our chaps and chinks fit right to the crotch. Yet when you are in the saddle they are where they should be, not six inches down on your leg.

The chaps and chinks by Leather Legends are works of art. Each pair is so uniquely hand-crafted, with exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail, they are instant collectibles. All fringe is cut and pointed by hand. When twisted fringe is desired, it is all done by hand. When the leather is light and soft enough to permit, we turn all of the raw edges over which gives a very finished appearance.

Only the finest materials are used. The leathers are picked by hand with an experienced eye for the quality of the grain, the finish, and the suppleness. A wide variety of leathers and colors are available. The proper leather is also chosen for its suitability for a particular rodeo event or other type of use.

Our work with the material and the construction of our chaps and chinks is a labor intensive and time consuming process. We take great care to lay out our patterns, so the leather stretches correctly and to avoid as many blemishes as possible. Leather being a natural product there are always blemishes to work around. We take great pride in the fact that our chaps are not pieced together like so many of the imported chaps.

Part of the superior quality of our chaps is that they are sewn with aproximately 10-12 stitches per inch, depending on the weight of the leather. This creates a much more detailed and fine finished product. Tooled belts and leg pieces are a detailed process, with many different steps. Tooling the edges alone is a nine step process. All of our tooling is produced by hand. We use 5-6 ounce and 7-8 ounce tooling leather which is more expensive but well worth it.

Our chaps and chinks are all designed with inner leg trim and top of the line latigo for the straps: usually three straps on each leg with 5/8" roller buckles made of nickel. However, if so desired, chaps and chinks may be made with two buckles on each leg or with zippered legs.

We sew our zippers to what we call a "gussett" rather than directly to the chap. It wears better, and zips much easier. We also use proper "right" and "left" side-oriented zippers so that the zipper slide is always positioned on the rear portion for fast and easy action. Our zippers carry a three year warranty.

Leather Legends is well respected in the industry and has over 30 years of experience in leather chap making and pattern designs. Our items have been worn by Rodeo World Champions, Miss Rodeo America Contestants, and Rodeo Queens. Some of our leather chaps are on display in the Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask for it. We create brands and designs of all kinds. Other special request items may be available upon inquiry. We make a wide range of quality leather garments, of which only a small sampling is shown here.

Chaps and chinks for rodeo, western riding, english riding, cowboys, cowgirls, bikers, motorcycles, work, play, or show. Designed just for you and made to order for men, women, and children. Hand-crafted and custom-made in Montana by Leather Legends, USA. Our chaps and chinks are beautiful, tough, stylish, practical, and elegant.

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